Quilt Square Lost in Fire Nov 07


 I thought this might be interesting to some and a sweet remembrance for those who enjoyed the square.  Source: Hickman County Arts Council Website. Find the rest of this article on http://www.hickmancoarts.com/id72.html

In April 2007, volunteers from the Arts Council designed and created the Quilt Square. The Square could be seen by every one who went north or south on Washington Street.

Danny Whitlock and Sheri Roberts worked in nasty, rainy weather last April to get the Square finished.  A Rural Electric bucket truck fastened the Square firmly to the building. It was there to stay and stay it did through slashing rains and high winds this summer. And then the unthinkable happened…

Quilt Square Lost in Fire

The Quilt Square burned today when the old Pool Hall caught fire in the early hours of the morning, Friday, Nov. 16th. The building was totally destroyed. The law office of Tom Bugg also was involved and looks like a total loss.
 As sad as we are, the good news is no one was hurt. The Quilt Square’s loss shows us that art, while fleeting, brightens lives while it lasts.

Art Council Quilt Square

Art Council Quilt Square


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